28 January 2009


an architectural model of a housing project based in costa rica ... makes a nice sculptural piece.

my new favorite architects

beautiful photos by a young photographer here

25 January 2009

sunday paper

designs for paper/textile that I've been working on ... inspired by burglar bars. maybe I should call it BARseries ... ? no real name as of yet for this collection, still working on it. I think I like the fact that its all grayscale ... a wrapped gift can have a huge, colorful bow on a monotone backdrop (shown).

24 January 2009


remembering my girl on her day...

22 January 2009


there's some great texture around us ... just stopping and looking, I found these.

check out these wacky, awesome photos

20 January 2009

red white blue

congratulations president obama...!

some red white and blue to commemorate.

19 January 2009


celebrating a friend's birthday this weekend ... always a great time.

17 January 2009

saturday morning walk

in an effort to inspire myself to see the good in houston, I've decided to take a series of photos that show my city in a new light ... to me. 

these are from this morning, before it got gray.

16 January 2009

freaky friday

I'm sure you've felt like this before ... or maybe even looked like this.

promises of new photo "projects" this weekend ... thanks for the inspiration ms. juto.

15 January 2009

bricks, bricks and more bricks

which one doesn't belong?

(hint: alcatraz, san francisco; mariscal mine, big bend tx)

the point: bricks new or old (especially old) are great. channelling architecture geek.

coral links

photo taken at california academy of sciences, san francisco

knitting + sea creatures = excellence

via designboom

14 January 2009

dreaming of mehndi

if you've ever done it, you'll never forget the smells: earth, lemon, sugar and love.

inspiration for patterns, to come soon.

13 January 2009

homage to polaroid

... sad to see them go.

I will miss the instant gratification (of the physical, not the digital), the subdued colors, and the white border.

12 January 2009

monday shapes and shadows

photos taken from a recent trip to san francisco...whimsical shapes and elusive shadows, perfect for monday.

11 January 2009

recycle posters

silkscreened posters 9" x 20"

designed and created for a "recycling campaign" ... click on each image to read the facts corresponding to the diagrams.