23 December 2009

and another thing...

we've been featured in two great blogs recently and I wanted to recognize the accomplishment!

first from the best paper shop around, PH Design Shop:

they had a great article about The Local Paper and they currently carry our products ... if you're in the area, stop by and check our stuff out, plus all the other awesome items they carry ... !

next from dear friend and accomplished designer/photographer Adam Cook:

thanks Adam, I'm so glad you like the paper! got some great new ideas about wrapping from you ... nice pics!

anyway, happy holidays to all, and hopefully there'll be more stories on this end soon.

22 December 2009


Not feeling the best today, so I thought I'd post some photos that I've been meaning to, from a recent trip to Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan ... like a trip back in time.

11 December 2009

the big launch

So THE LOCAL PAPER is finally here ... and what better way to launch it than to have a giveaway!! Erin at Design for Mankind has kindly offered a set to two lucky readers and you could be one of them ... check it out!
more to come in the coming weeks

04 December 2009

snow day ... texas style

I know this is commonplace many places around the world ... but for us down south, this .... is downright unusual, but lots of fun nonetheless.

happy weekend!

02 December 2009

rusty's sunshine

from a dear friend's art show ... now a over month ago. the place was as interesting as the paintings.

this weekend there should be a surprise to share ... so excited!