28 March 2009

shoes...oh my god!

I used to take photos of shoes for a friend of mine...came across these old ones recently and realized how great some of them were.

this is my favorite....

26 March 2009

it isn't much, but I'm not quite ready to show it yet...working on my mehndi collection as of late along with other excuses and have been too busy to post (is that possible?) but I will be better from now on! no more neglect! must keep going...

12 March 2009

sunny flowers

it was really dreary today....secretly that's my favorite, but these are pretty to look at too.

09 March 2009


such guilt for not having posted in a week ... oh well, I've been busy. 

check out our "official" website ... hopefully there will be lots of new work to put on it soon ...!!

01 March 2009

pictures of pancakes

This morning I made sunday pancakes...haven't done that in a while, but my new favorite blog posted a recipe I couldn't resist. All I've got is say is: they are perfect.