27 August 2009

tart treat

I really wish I had taken more photos of this nectarine/marscapone tart with a gingersnap crust (courtesy of smitten kitchen)...but I think I got really distracted by the fact that the first perfectly brown crust I made fell splat to the floor.

darn those removable bottom pans.

it was so good once it was done, though. to more dinner parties!

23 August 2009

austin: no limits

a weekend on the lake....an adventure to say the least.

these guys like design, they like friendship...check them out.

18 August 2009

marfa memories

some friends recently went to marfa...I was so envious because that part of the state is one of my favorites in the world: its just near and dear to my heart.

so, enough reminiscing, thought I'd share from some photos from one of our many trips there...2004?

p.s. one of the only photos I've ever been able to capture of lightning...!
nice work from round...and they're from oz.