25 May 2010

zucchini & tomato

I'm super excited about my garden update because what was once not long ago weed ridden and infested with squirrel treasures is now an actual veggie garden with fruit!

while watering this morning I noticed my first baby roma tomato and about 10 baby zucchinis ... I've got my recipes all lined up!

what are some of your favorite zucchini and/or tomato recipes that I should try?

11 May 2010

organic pesticide

so I've been looking for a good, easy natural pesticide for my veggie/salsa garden and I came across a great looking recipe which I just made ... it should work because my eyes were watering like crazy, and my nostrils were burning ... those buggies don't have a chance.

make it for your own garden:

3 onions
3 hot peppers
1 garlic bulb

puree and mix with water
let it sit overnight
in the morning, strain the water out with a cheesecloth/strainer
add more water to make it a gallon's worth