22 June 2010


so back to the country again this weekend ... what a blast. a little work, a little play, dance hall perusing and of course, some livestock ... what's not to like?

11 June 2010

it's my birthday...

and I feel like I'm at the age where I *almost* have to act like I'm a grown up....but not for another year!

07 June 2010

ice cream ... !!

so my second birthday gift ... an ice cream maker attachment for my kitchen aid mixer! and boy is it awesome. I usually hate mint chocolate chip ice cream but for the inaugural usage of my gift, I used this fresh mint chip ice cream recipe (courtesy of david lebovitz, the ice cream master) and it is AMAZING. it takes a bit of prep, but try it, you'll love it.

06 June 2010

pesto pesto

It's an awesome feeling when you can walk outside, pick some basil from your garden and be eating some pesto for dinner all within 30 minutes or so. Talk about fresh!

Also, it's the start of birthday week for me and my first awesome present were a pair of ceramic knives ... they are so so great ... my second awesome present I'll talk about soon.

02 June 2010

praha church

vernacular texas church architecture / design at it's best ,,, with a dose of creepy.