30 January 2010


Lamhe, one of my favorite films growing up, came out when I was 10 years old. I've been thinking alot lately about my cultural past ... thank goodness for Netflix. Even though I'm not Indian, we sure danced the heck out of all these awesome songs at my sister's wedding.

Sridevi, one of the most beautiful (to me) Indian actresses of all time and Anil Kapoor starred in it ... weird storyline, but then again, it is Bollywood.

more to come on this front ... a wonderful Indian blogger 

29 January 2010

de Menil

today has been such a grey day (although grey is my favorite) I've been thinking about a recent walk I took around the neighborhood in sunnier times.

have a great weekend.

27 January 2010


by the way, I'm going to start this post off by saying that ... yes, some of the photos are horizontal and some are vertical (gasp!)

I do the best I can here, people. do you want cookies, or don't you?

so I was going to start a new venture today and I thought, why not start by making cookies? yeah! by the way, they came out delicious, you wish there was a scratch and sniff on your monitor, trust me.

courtesy of smitten kitchen - she is awesome.

some cool stuff I found recently.

24 January 2010

the shop

The Local Paper shop has officially been launched! Check out all our stuff!
Um, isn't Valentine's Day coming up? Don't you need to wrap all those diamonds and candies that you'll be giving to your loved ones? I think this is just what you need.

Oh, and look at how socially connected we are ... become a fan of our page on FB!

22 January 2010


one can find a landscape in anything .... as you can see in the following photos:

a sports stadium surrounded by office buildings
a dense downtown hub filled with skyscrapers
utility plants, along with rain water harvesting and solar panels
public transportation, including a railway system and courtyard housing
that's my house on the right
where the trains turn around and go back
our city!

maybe this'll be my theme for the next few posts ... it's great for the ol' imagination.

check out manufactured landscapes ... an incredible documentary.

03 January 2010

new year's day

starting 2010 off right ... by perusing used items. hope your new year is starting off great ... !