07 February 2009

new identities

so....been quite busy lately, working on coming up with an identity and website/blog for our design studio, local design office (hence 'the local'). the bottom picture shows some of my iterations, and we've finally agreed on one...so hopefully I'll be posting the new cards soon.

the top photo is a documentation of cards that I've been associated with...either I worked/work there or know the person who owns the card very well. bet you can't pick the one card out of the bunch that I actually designed...??

I'm so excited! a link to our blog up soon...and hopefully the shop to closely follow....!


  1. Yeay, finally figured out how I can reply to your blog. Didn't know anything about OpenID etc.
    Can't wait to see the new identity, it's always so exciting! :) I am making new businesscards myself too!

  2. love the designs. and i also love the shoes. you must have bought those while on an awesome vacation somewhere...