29 March 2010

before and afters | part II

so, long story short, I've always really, REALLY wanted a garden of my own. a true, blue, going-out-to-the-yard-to-get-a-jalepeno garden. I had one with my parents, but that was years ago, and now that I live in a house that actually has a yard ... well let's just say the time had come. 

after spring started to show up around here, I decided that I'd take a gander back into said yard (to my credit, this garden area is separted from the house by an enclosed deck and therefore we never venture back there). 


let's just say the weeds were the size of small-medium sized trees and let the pics do the talking.

the first photo is showing the weeds ... and the small chunk of area to the foreground is the dent I made in the weeding the first day (two hours):

this is the second day (the newspapers are to help the killing of the weeds)

third day ... some progress is being made if I say so myself

this is after six days and copious amounts of help ... yay!

this photo doesn't show the enormity of the final pile, but you can see a pile of about a quarter of the weeds

so the seeds have been planted and we're so excited around here ... there'll hopefully be some photos of seedlings soon ...

a new favorite

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