22 April 2010


spoonflower is an amazing website a friend of mine told me about a couple of years ago where you can design your own custom fabric and have it printed ... awesome, right? well, textiles turned into paper, and long story short, some fabric that I had printed from spoonflower just lay in a drawer. it wasn't perfect, the design needed to be tweaked, but I got a hankering for sewing a couple of days ago and made some cute drawstring lunch/snack bags out of it ... you can never have enough snacks and ziplocs just don't do it for me.

I see gift making in my future ...

by the way, HAPPY EARTH DAY!


  1. awesome! good job :) I like the fabric.

  2. i love spoonflower, and have been trying to design some of my own fabric, but i just haven't gotten it perfect enough to be printed. great little bags!